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“ Dedication to the logistic arteries of Ukraine”

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“ Dedication to the logistic arteries of Ukraine ”

Logistics turned out to be a vitally important topic, so we called to the Kyiv Innovative Terminal (Nova Poshta - logistics and related services company), to get in touch with Tafiichuk Yevhen - Nova Poshta Chief Operating Officer.

About the start of the war

Many thanks to our employees, without whom the company would not be able to do anything. None of the drivers or managers refused to go to work.

An operational staff of strategic managers and top managers was created, which met 3-4 times a day. When we saw that Chernihiv was being attacked, we quickly took parcels from there to safe regions, where their owners could receive them.

As soon as the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Sumy regions, we directed our activities there again. Recovering ourselves, we also lifted E-Commerce industry.

In March, they had a turnover of 30% of the pre -war, now on 01.09.2022 it rose to 80%. Through broken roads, the company was forced to lay new ways. Nova Poshta remains the only one to work in Kharkiv even during active fighting on Saltovka and in the city center. The 12-16 branches that remained there were accepted humanitarian aid from all over the world, sorted and issued to the population. The same work was in Nikolaev.

About humanitarian cargos

​We have been engaged in humanitarian aid since the days of the first invasion in 2014. Since that period, we have helped in the amount of approximately 25 000 000 UAH. In the first days of the war, we gave 140 of our trucks on a volunteer basis to the needs of the Armed Forces. In the first days, we sent 15-20 truckloads of such parcels, 22 414 parcels were sent by humanitarian mail, 17 768 by the sustainable partnership program, in total more than 86 000 parcels were sent as of February 24, 2022.

The office of the president, the Regional State Administration, every volunteer – we helped everyone who applied.

In general, by tone – this is more than 17 tons, which is equal to 35 “Motherland-Motherland” monuments.




About changes and the future

The average weight of the parcels increased – at the beginning of the war it increased 3 times from the standard weight of 10-15 kg. These were overall furniture, pallets with food and humanitarian aid created some obstacles that we coped very quickly and continued to do our business. With the restoration of e-commerce, more popular parcels were household items, chemistry, tools, zootovaries, sports goods, tourism products, autotovaries and electronics needed for life. Also, when working with some animal feed brands, we deliver them free of charge to shelters.

Since February 24, 2022, we have grown to 270 new branches across the country and are renewing jobs. We are planning to go abroad to the following countries: Moldova, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and other countries where the largest number of our Ukrainians have moved.

We are waiting for the opening of the first branch in Warsaw in September. We go where our customers have gone.


During the full-scale offensive of russia, Ukrzaliznytsia evacuated about 4 000 000 citizens, and almost 300 000 people managed to export the humanitarian corridors. More than 1 300 000 million people left the trains from Kyiv, almost 500 000 citizens from Kharkiv. The total number of Ukrainians who left the rail abroad - about 500 000 people” - said the deputy head of the Presidential Office Kirill Tymoshenko. On 28.07.22 1500 passengers and doctors were evacuated by medical trains. Since May, more than 25 000 refugees have received social payments at the stations totaling 52 000 000 UAH under the state program. As of 15.08.2022, 224 workers Ukrzaliznytsia was killed, 350 were injured.

After the bombing of the territory of Ukraine over 6 000 000 Ukrainians have difficulty accessing clean water. 500 000 of additional food supplies were delivered from Kirovohrad region for the needs of the garbniks of the settlements in the Kharkiv region by more than 100 volunteer organisations.

Ukrainian retail from the beginning of a large-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine has provided humanitarian and military assistance for 1 400 000 UAH.

Cover story

Photo and idea:

Julia Brosko,

Yanina Yelizarova,

Helen Chikilova

Phone & Location

+38 099 61 31 061,

+38 066 40 44 713

Kyiv, Ukraine

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