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“ What do people in a military city? They go to a pharmacy, shop, atm... Only if they're open. ”


“ What do people in a military city? They go to a pharmacy, shop, atm... Only if they're open. ”

Since February 24, every day every Ukrainian has a sprint to critical stops for survival and replenishment of supplies: a pharmacy, a grocery store, an ATM, bomb shelter. Since the very beginning of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, all critical urban infrastructure has been working without interruption.
We are grateful to every employee of the medical and law enforcement infrastructure, city retail employees, and all housing and communal services workers. To everyone who preserves and provides life in populated areas of Ukraine.


More than 85% of large banks worked in the country as of July 14, 20122 compared to 55% at the beginning of March.

Currently, the banking system is at a high level of digitalization. Due to the occupation of territories by russia, Ukrainians are unable to obtain banking services in 15% of branches that remain closed.

As of September 12, 20122, the NBU transferred to the needs of the military UAH 20 200 000.

DDOSAtaks directed by the aggressor country to web and other resources of financial structures and banks of Ukraine also do not stop the banking system. So banks fix the attack 200 times more than usual load from users.

"The financial direction is one of the key, because it is the stability of the financial system that provides the necessary resource for winning.
The banking system of 24.02.2022 did not stop, worked without interruptions, providing payments and access to customers to their money".

Yaroslav Matuzka,
Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine

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